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Comfort? Fits in my purse?  Solution to the New York City party scene?

Can it be real?   Yes, they are.   Footzyrolls, as presented in A Stilleto Story by Jenifer and Sarah Caplan are the brainchild product developed to save women's feet everywhere!   And if you live in New York City, you will know the value of these nifty little footies.   Tell me you haven't gone out in your fab new pair of high heels and just before walking out the door thought about squeezing the smallest pair of flip flops that you could find in your clutch!  Yes, we've all done it.  And tell me you haven't once thought about walking barefoot down the street because the pain from dancing all night in your heels was so unbearable.   If you've been in any of these scenarios, I bet Footzyrolls are like a god-send to you.  Well they are to me and this is why I've named them the Distinguished Item for today.  Get a pair today, at $25 retail price, not bad.  Check the website or check back here for store finder updates.


So ladies, be sure to get your Footzyrolls on.